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Despite so many publishes on vulnerabilities and their remediations, script kiddies and hackers are still able to infiltrate remote network with relative ease by exploiting well-known and rather old vulnerabilities. It is the lack of vulnerability assessment and security awareness that gives hackers the luxury to gain unauthorized access to networks and inflict millions of dollars in damage.


Conducted by our experienced and certified consultants, PNET VIET NAM Vulnerability Assessment service helps you quickly identify and manage known security vulnerabilities in your network. Using both commercial and proprietary tools coupled with a database of over 20,000 vulnerability checks, PNET VIET NAM's consultants can discover and remediate at least 90% of known security threats and attacks that your network is being exposed to. Any vulnerability uncovered during the assessment will be manually analyzed and verified by our consultants as a measure to reduce false positive and maintain the accuracy of the final report.

If you opt for an automated on-demand vulnerability assessment solution, you can contact with us
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